The Covid-19 pandemic has wreaked havoc on the travel industry, shutting down businesses and areas that rely on tourism all over the world. Airlines that had been recovering from hard times the past decade were finally dealt a hammer blow. Hotels that were reliant on their summer season suddenly found themselves with no season at all for the past year and a half. All these issues have contrived to create a far from ideal travel industry. While prices for accommodation are discounted heavily, a major issue would be finding the right flights and avoiding routes that would require you to quarantine at the destination of return. Below are a few tips to ensure smooth travels during this pandemic.

Get vaccinated

Not just for travel reasons but for your safety and those you encounter. Being vaccinated and having an official record of this, or a “vaccine passport”, gives you certain privileges when entering certain areas or countries. For example, you may not be required to quarantine in a designated hotel upon arrival or at all, compared to those who are not vaccinated against Covid. Being vaccinated not only gives you protection from the virus but allows for a smoother travel experience during these testing times.

Plan ahead

This is not really the time to be going on spontaneous trips abroad given the many hurdles that one has to go through to even make it on a plane. Negative Covid tests are valid for only up to 72 hours until the flight; quarantine periods upon arrival at certain destinations and longer flight routes mean that travel, especially internationally, have been made more difficult, and time and money consuming.

When travelling to most destinations, ensure that the hotel you are staying in has an online room booking system to make it easier to track and show proof of bookings. Allow a few extra days of leeway in case there are delays or sudden restrictions that may come into play that you have no control over as this could happen in any country at any time. Keep yourself up-to-date with the latest travel restrictions and regulations before and during travel so you aren’t caught off guard.

Get travel insurance

This should be a given with or without the pandemic, but travel insurance is even more essential during these times. Travelling can be very unpredictable – you could lose your luggage through no fault of your own, experience delayed flight due to bad weather or even catch Covid and not be able to board your flight. Getting yourself and your belongings travel insurance should be sufficient cover for any unforeseen circumstances that could affect your travel plans. You can’t really predict issues while travelling, but you can cover yourself against the effects of them.