So you’ve made the decision to work as a freelancer. Perhaps you prefer the flexibility afforded by not having a regular employer. Or maybe you were made redundant and literally have no choice; if you’re going to become a freelancer and earn money from your skills, you might as well aim to be the best, right? Many freelancing websites rank freelancers based on their reviews from past clients and this allows them to command higher fees. Below are some of my top tips to becoming this type of top freelancer.

1) Hone your skills

You don’t know everything. There will be times when you feel like you do but such complacency can prove to be damaging when you encounter problems you are unprepared for. This is why it is essential to hone your skills and always be looking to learn. Digital work is always constantly and rapidly changing with skills previously learnt, becoming obsolete relatively quickly. In order to be a top freelancer, you will always want to stay up-to-date with the latest changes in your field.

2) Surpass expectations

The best freelancers go above and beyond what is asked of them. If the client provides a blueprint of something to be built but you know better, then tell them. This is an excellent way of adding value and let’s be honest, what harm would be done by making a well-informed suggestion?

3) Punctuality

The best freelancers will likely get many job offers but this can work against them if they take on more than they can handle. Being unable to meet deadlines can be very damaging to a freelancer’s reputation as well as a client’s work. Consider using Pronestor booking systems to ensure all your tasks are organised and are completed in time. This is especially useful if physical meetings are required.

4) Have a plan of action

You don’t become one of the best by accident; it would be calculated. Write out where you want to be within a specific timeframe and work towards that. This might mean learning a new skill or acquiring a certain amount of clients by this time. Always have a plan you can follow as this makes it easier to track your progress and understand which areas need to be improved upon.

Freelancers know all too well that it can often be a hand-to-mouth situation, so it is of utmost importance that you have a regular client you count on to offer stability. Becoming a top freelancer improves your opportunity to reach this point, especially when compared to working a traditional job.

Whether or not you choose to become a freelancer for the long term, it would be beneficial to be the best you can be, not just for financial reasons but also for your internal satisfaction. Follow these four tips and you shall find yourself well on your way to freelance success.