The way we look and act can be attributed largely to our feelings and state of mind. We’ve all had periods where we have so much on our mind that we neglect our physical appearance, and those around us tend to notice. Other times, we may have some health issues that cause us to not look our best or lower our confidence. Below are a few simple tips on how you can look and feel more confident today.

1) Refresh your wardrobe

Now, retail therapy isn’t a permanent fix for confidence issues, but every now and again it’s nice to treat ourselves to a new piece of clothing. Replace your old and tattered clothes with something new that sparks joy inside you. Whether it be a new shirt, blouse, or shoes, this is an easy way of improving your confidence when you step outside.

In order to make the most of your new clothes, they should fit and rest on you well. If they are the right size but don’t look or fit well, consider that it could be an issue with your posture. If so, invest in posture clothing, worn inside your normal garments. These are usually very slim and help correct your posture while you wear them. In no time you’ll be looking and feeling great!

2) Eat healthier

They say that what we put inside us ultimately has an effect on how we look on the outside, and this is true. An unhealthy diet full of sugar and fat does not provide the adequate nourishment we need, and is quick to show in our skin. Oily skin with breakouts are common symptoms of a poor diet, which will likely knock a person’s confidence. Start eating fresher and more nourishing foods such as fruits and vegetables and watch your appearance, moods and state of mind improve drastically!

3) Improve your posture

One thing that won’t cost you a penny and benefit your life greatly would be to improve your posture. Confidence shows in many ways such as through your physical appearance and the way you communicate. Taking steps such as stretching and being more mindful are (free) ways you can improve your posture. In turn this will help you exude more confidence.

4) Take up a hobby

Good for your soul and physical wellbeing, taking up a hobby can really improve your life. Whether it is cooking, woodwork, knitting or even playing video games, dedicating time to something you enjoy will help improve your confidence. And who knows, maybe you’ll be able to turn it into something income generating!

5) Take a break

Often, the solution to improving your mood and lifting your confidence is as simple as taking a break. If your work and homelife are burning you out, take a break. Go on vacation or take leave for a few days to recuperate. This will pay dividends in the long run.