Despite the coronavirus pandemic, things have not been all doom and gloom. Many of us have used the downtime wisely and have managed to learn a useful skill that keeps us happy. And, if we are lucky, it’s one which we can also monetise. From baking to digital marketing skills, there are a plethora of options available that we can take advantage of. One popular option is affiliate marketing.

In a nutshell, affiliate marketing is simply earning commission by bringing customers to another business. Online, this may be through personalised links with voucher codes that customers use; the business, in turn, rewards the affiliate. With almost no start-up cost to the affiliate, this has become an increasingly popular way of earning money online. Check out a few of the current best products/services you could market online and make a decent amount of money out of!

1) Drones

The popularity of personal drones have exploded over the past few years as their prices have come down. The sizes available have significantly reduced as well. They are becoming much easier to control, and many may even be operated from a smartphone. The sustained demand and relatively high prices for these products make them a great product to promote and earn a commission off of.

2) Lawn maintenance products

During this COVID-19 period, we have spent more time at home than we have in a while. This in turn has given many of us the opportunity to improve our homes through DIY Home makeovers. New furniture and entertainment systems have proven to be very popular. Lawn maintenance products, surprisingly, are just as popular. Lawn mowers, line marking robots, and every other product associated with improving one’s lawn has seen a surge in demand. Get yourself on lawn-enthusiast forums, create online ads to promote certain products with your affiliate link, and watch the money roll in!

3) Kitchen appliances

The pandemic restrictions have also encouraged people to start cooking and baking more. We are seeing appliances such as kitchen mixers, blenders, and ovens selling out online as more and more people pick up these hobbies. These relatively high-ticket, fast-selling goods mean that you can make a decent amount of commission very quickly if you market them well. Create social media ads and promote these items on personal cooking blogs to go straight to your target market.

4) Bicycles

One of the widely implemented COVID-19 safety measures is social distancing. This has meant a reduction of people using public transport and gathering in busy places. In turn, bike sales have gone through the roof as people want a way of travelling that helps them keep their safe distance from others and also improves their health.

Governments around the world have also created many schemes to improve the uptake of cycling, so take advantage of this free marketing by also affiliate-marketing them.